Eco-Friendly Ways to Green Up Your Holiday Season

The holiday season is, in many industries, the time of year with the highest level of consumption. Consumption often means waste and environmental damage. Fortunately, we can change that. By changing our holiday habits, we can alter the environmental impact we have during the holiday season.

So how can you reduce your environmental footprint this holiday season?

Buy Items That Promote Green Industries

Buying a gift for a child? Why not buy them a Chia Pet? The pet will grow leaves right before the child’s eyes, teaching them the value of life.

Buying a gift for an adult? Why not give them an organic chocolate bar, made with recycled paper wrapping? This shows your friends that you care about the environment, while voting for eco-friendly companies with your wallet.

Look for Long Lasting Gifts

Try to avoid gifts that will only be used for a couple weeks, then discarded. Instead, try to give people gifts that they’ll use time and again. Sometimes these gifts might just be everyday items.

Know that someone loves coffee but doesn’t have a coffee maker? Why not get them a nice French press that’ll allow them to make delicious coffee at home?

Don’t Buy From Stores

One easy way to reduce your environmental footprint this holiday season is to shop online instead of from stores. Why?

Because when you shop from stores, a lot of gas is involved. First, the supplier has to ship the product to the store. You then have to drive from store to store to do your shopping.

When you shop online, the supplier just ships the product to you directly. You save several legs of the journey, making this a much greener way to buy presents.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Instead of buying disposable Christmas lights that you’ll just throw away after one use, buy a high quality set of solar Christmas lights. Instead of breaking or having bulbs that go out after a use or two, you’ll have a set that you can use for life.

Turn off your lights when you’re not using them. This helps increase your lights’ longevity, as well as save electricity.

Bring Your Own Bags

If you’re shopping in person, bring your own bag. Don’t use plastic bags.

Donate Old Toys

What happens to holiday presents you receive that you don’t use? What happens to them once they outlive their usefulness?

Don’t throw them away. Instead, give them to a charity like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Something good will come of the toys, instead of having them go into a landfill somewhere.

These are some of the many ways you can make your holiday season greener this year. Just a little bit of thought can go a long way.

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